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On September 14-16, mentoring practice started within the framework of the Youth Business Kazakhstan (YBK). Boris Tkachenko, together with international mentoring expert John Cull held seminars for mentors and mentees, mentee and mentor matching and initial meetings, consultations for YBK, which is being implemented by MOST business incubator.


On September 13, Boris Tkachenko moderated an expert session on mentoring at the EdCrunch Educational Conference at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. YBR international speakers and mentors Nika Bazilevskaya, Tamara Naidenova and Vyacheslav Fedoseev acted as project experts.


The joint project of Accenture Russia and IBLF Russia has been completed in August 2016.

The large scale work on support of budding and active entrepreneurs has been implemented in 7 Russian regions through this strategic partnership during the period of 5 months.


On September 9, Mentoring Institute acted as a partner at the session Mentoring: How to Train New Manufacturing Entrepreneurs?, and Boris Tkachenko moderated the mentoring section at Interregional Industrial Forum Made in the South: Opportunities for a Regional Manufacturer.


On September 6, Boris Tkachenko held the meetings of Mentor Council and Mentoring Club in Ryazan, as part of the common project with the Ryazan Regional Guarantee Fund. Ekaterina Geraskina, Project Director, co-launched the project in June, after having completed preliminary 3-month monitoring of matches interaction and discussed the results and outlined next steps together with Boris.


On August 21-28, Boris Tkachenko took part in Youth Forum Baikal 2020". Boris acted as key speaker at the opening of the Forum and round table on youth entrepreneurship, as well as an expert at Business and Career section. The Forum served the platform for negotiations on YBR launch in Irkutsk Regional and pilot start of mentoring programme for active entrepreneurs in several districts in the Region.


On July 18-19, Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova held the seminars for mentors and mentees, matching, initial match meetings and consultations for Center Invest Bank team, the key partner implementing YBR in Rostov-on-Don.


<p>On June 8-9, Boris Tkachenko started a joint mentoring project with Ryazan Regional Guarantee Fund. Ekaterina Geraskina, project manager, have completed the training on mentoring methodology with Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova in February. During his 2-day visit in Ryazan, Boris held the seminars for mentors and mentees, matching, initial match meetings and consultations for the Ryazan Regional Guarantee Fund team on the next steps.</p>


In May 5 – June 3, Boris Tkachenko attended an international event on mentoring in Toronto. Boris and other mentoring experts from 26 countries exchanged experience and completed advanced training delivered by leading mentoring expert John Cull, together with Julie Haddock-Millar and Katharine Mossop. The experts also took part at the conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Futureoreneur, YBI member in Canada and discussed the mentoring experience in Canada in depth.


The joint project of Youth Business Russia and Accenture Russia in Kaluga served the platform for the meeting of women entrepreneurs in Success Story format.

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