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Curriculum Development for the Soft Skills Entrepreneurship Training



Boris Tkachenko, CEO of Youth Business Russia, joined the Youth Business International task group on curriculum development for the Soft skills entrepreneurship training.

Together with his colleagues from Spain, UK, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Paraguay and Burundi, Boris took park in the workshop on May 8-10 in London that was dedicated to the development of the basic methodology of the curriculum.

Based on:

  • Global research “Entrepreneurial Soft skills for the future” completed by Branka Minic, Future Work Consulting and YBI external consultant, who studied public domain sources and analysed the essential skills for young entrepreneurs to succeed in digital economy during next 5-10 years;
  • Home research of Soft Skills entrepreneurial training practices delivering by YBI in the 50 member countries;
  • Global research completed by Accenture New Skills NOW. Joining in Digital Economy;
  • Experience and knowledge of the task group members

The curriculum methodology and layout has been drawn up within 3 days.

The next step is to complete the curriculum content in the next months.





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