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November 29, Surgut Day 2 of the VIIth International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship



On a sunny frosty day, more than 100 participants-entrepreneurs gathered to listen to international speakers and to understand what Mentoring was and whether they needed it. The event was opened by the director of the Surgut branch of the Ugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund Yevgeny Skryabin and the YBR and Mentoring Institute CEO Boris Tkachenko. Thanks to networking from the founder of the Young online school, Dmitry Nekrasov, the participants got to know each other and the speakers.

Presentations were made in the first part of the event:

- John Cull about mentoring in entrepreneurship in 50 countries with examples based on his own experience as a mentor and mentoring at Vergin StartUp;

- Aruna Vinodh about 27-year mentoring experience in India and additional roles of mentors in which they help young entrepreneurs and their supporting organizations;

- Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat about achievements in the development of mentoring in Mongolia, after studying the Russian experience in 2013 during his visit in Voronezh, and taking part in the Mentoring Days 2014 in Moscow;

- Irina Gorelova about 11 years of Russian mentoring activity in the programs "Youth Business in Russia", "Business Class", ScaleUp and Social Impact Award;

- Victor Liberansky about the 3-year project "Mentoring Service" implemented by the Ugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund.

Comments and questions of the participants proved the importance of covering international and Russian experience. It is important for both mentors and mentees of Ugra, as well as of other regions, to feel part of Russian and international system of mentoring in entrepreneurship.

The presentations were followed by the discussion platform "Mentoring in Entrepreneurship, as an Instrument for Improving the Efficiency of Company Management". It was attended by:

- Sumathi Hariharan, mentor, India

- Bolortsetseg Gelegnamyjil, mentor, Mongolia

- Dmitry Nekrasov, founder of the Young online school, mentor, Voronezh

- Sergey Sysak, Director of the Nizhnevartovsk branch of the Ugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund, entrepreneur, mentor, Nizhnevartovsk

- Oybek Aitbaev, General Director of ALFA Marketing Group, Managing Partner of ALFA Strategy Partners, mentor, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

- Pavel Savchenko, Business Producer, Founder of ROSEL, participant in the Business Duo Kubit, mentor, St. Petersburg

All the mentors who spoke, talked not only about their mentees improving business management thanks to mentoring, but also how they began to apply the mentoring style in their own companies.

This discussion platform was followed by another one and the next topic was "Psychological aspects in the relationship of mentoring pairs".

Sumathi Harikharan, Dmitry Nekrasov, Pavel Savchenko and Oybek Aitbaev were joined by Viktor Libransky and Bersetseg Sosorbaram (mentor from Mongolia). The main conclusion reached at this discussion - Mentoring is primarily a human relationship between two people, trust and attunement, which help mentees and mentors in personal and business development.

After the second part of the organized networking conducted by Dmitry Nekrasov, a very useful discussion was held on "How to create, develop and support communities of participants in mentoring programs". It was attended by John Cull, Bat-Orshikh Erdenebat, Aruna Vinodh, Irina Gorelova and Victor Liberansky. And again, the conclusions were unanimous - the community allows mentors and mentees to communicate and to receive support in addition to communicating in their pairs.

The last event of the day was a master class from John Cull and Boris Tkachenko to gain the insight into:

- how to help mentees facing difficult situations, and how to help mentors to deal with such situations;

- how mentees and mentors can conduct complex negotiations (including in their pair, if there is a conflict situation).

The Mentoring Days program was ended with a group photo and a banquet.

Sweets for the event in Surgut, as well as in Moscow, were provided by Voronezh entrepreneur Eugenia Keller (founder of Prianik Corporation).

The next day, foreign speakers left, while Viktor Liberansky, Irina Gorelova and Boris Tkachenko stayed to launch the 5th mentoring pilot project in Surgut.

Photos - 29th of November, Surgut - The VIIth International Days of Mentoring in Entrepreneurship:

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