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SOS Mentoring II Webinar 3 Soft Skills for mentors



On the 21st of April, the Mentoring Institute and Youth Business Russia held the third webinar for mentors in the frame of global initiative SOS MENTORING II.

The subject of the webinar - Soft skills for mentors: empathy, listening, asking good questions. The webinar was conducted by Boris Tkachenko and Irina Gorelova.

The participants of the webinar:
✔️ Discussed the importance of high emotional intelligence and especially empathy for a mentor

✔️ Based on Nancy Klines Time to think model, analysed why it was difficult to listen to other people and trained the right listening in pairs

✔️ Studied Bob Garveys Dialogic choice model and, split in small groups, practiced questioning with the help of the model

Mentors reported that the session was very informative, useful and interesting.

The next webinar on mentoring will be held on the 26th of May in the format of peer learning.

SOS MENTORING II initiative is being implemented by Youth Business International (YBI), an entrepreneurship support network operating in 56 countries. The languages of the event are English, Spanish and Russian.
The adapted Russian version of SOS MENTORING II global initiate to support active and potential mentors in entrepreneurship and programme coordinators on mentoring in Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia is being implemented by Youth Business Russian programme and the Mentoring Institute.

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Boris Tkachenko, CEO IBLF Russia, CEO Youth Business Russia, CEO Institute of Mentoring

Irina Gorelova, YBR Development/Regions/Mentoring Director, Project Manager at Institute of Mentoring

23, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 125047 Moscow
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